Therapy for Older Adults and Caregivers in Pasadena

Helping you feel like yourself again

Are you having difficulty navigating changes in the second half of life?

You’re no stranger to tackling problems. Life has its share of ups and downs, and you’ve managed to work through some tough situations and be successful.

But not this time.

There’s been a change in your life, and it’s causing you to feel down, worried, or just plain exhausted. Even the good things in your life don't bring the same enjoyment. You’re just not sure what to do next or who to turn to. You’ve always been the one to solve everyone’s problems!

Therapy can get you back on track.

I help Pasadena-area seniors and family caregivers navigate the challenges of older adulthood and regain a sense of joy and meaning in life.

Together we will explore the story of your life, examine current difficulties, and learn new insights and strategies to restore you on the path to well-being. Healing, peace, and purpose can be yours.

About Katrin Koutassevitch, LCSW

My passion in life is helping older adults face new challenges and learn how to adapt, grow, and emerge stronger and wiser. It is incredibly rewarding to journey with someone as they go from “it’s just too much” to “I can do this.” And as someone with personal experience as a family caregiver, I understand how overwhelming that role can be.



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We will meet every 1-2 weeks to work toward your goals.

Feel like yourself again

You can rebuild the joy and confidence to move forward in life

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You don't have to keep feeling lost and overwhelmed.

I can help you get back to a life of joy and vitality.