About Katrin

Helping older adults rediscover themselves

Do you wake up some days feeling like you barely recognize yourself? Do you wonder what happened to the active, upbeat person you used to be? Are you worried that you won't return to being that person?

I believe in your ability to find yourself again. 

I'm Katrin, and I specialize in working with folks facing aging-related life changes. 

I help my clients work through these changes to emerge lighter, energized, and more at peace.

Older adults face a unique set of challenges, and therapy should reflect that. I believe that in talking about the issues you face in the present, we need to draw on your strengths and stories from the past. This will help guide our work into your new, brighter future. 

The second half of life presents an astonishing opportunity to become the person you  were meant to be. I can't wait to join you on this journey!

Why I love what I do

Much of my professional training came from working in hospice care for nearly 10 years. Working with families facing life-limiting illness taught me the incredible capacity that people have for personal growth and healing.

I learned that it is never too late to achieve a sense of peace and accomplishment in life.

My close relationship with my awesome grandparents, my high school job at a retirement village, and my graduate training in geriatrics paved the way for my career working with older adults. Getting to spend my day having meaningful conversations with intelligent, mature, experienced adults, and helping them shift into an even better life is absolutely the best job I could ever imagine!


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Cal State Los Angeles

Master of Social Work, Cal State Los Angeles

Licensure and Credentials

I'm licensed as a psychotherapist in California and North Carolina. I'm also licensed to provide telehealth in Florida.

I'm approved as a Clinical Supervisor under CA Board of Behavioral Sciences guidelines.

Training and Certification

I have certifications or advanced training in the following:

  • Mindful Self-Compassion
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Alzheimer Association Dementia Care Specialist
  • Motivational Interviewing
Professional Memberships
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium
  • San Gabriel Valley End of Life Care Coalition

A little more about me

I’m a working parent and a resident of the Pasadena area for over 25 years. When I’m not working with clients, you can often find me running laps at the Rose Bowl, strolling at the Arboretum, or poking around the public library.

Why Fireflies?

Fireflies are a powerful symbol of hope and connection. As night begins to fall and the sky grows dark, one brief and tiny spark of light appears. This is followed by another, and another, until the entire area is filled with illumination.

Therapy can work the same way. Even when it seems that the world is growing dark, all it takes is that first spark of finally being heard and understood. This first spark will set off a whole process that leads to more sparks of insight, more sparks of self-compassion, and more sparks of healing.

For more information about the amazing firefly, and information on conservation, I highly recommend the site www.firefly.org.